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What is a Press Release

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Press Releases are now maximized by SEO firms to make sure the content about their services and products gets distributed to hundreds of news sites and social media sites where they can directly communicate with their target market. The main content, of a press release is usually the latest offering(s) of a company which are created and written directly to the intended target market. The main advantage of a press releases is that is easy to share and syndicate, as it gets distributed from one site to another therefore attracting tens and thousands of links with just a single announcement. Companies take advantage of press releases to make noise, to make their presence felt in the market without having to shell out money, just pure and effective marketing strategies.

What makes a good press release?
Not all press releases are effective, though. It must be planned and well-thought out for the marketing strategy to succeed. Here’s a quick list of how press releases become excellent marketing tools:

1. They are fresh and new. Each press release should be new and unique. It should be about the latest and never-before-seen-or-heard offerings from your company or about any product or service that you provide. Remember that online consumers are too pre-occupied with all the things on the Internet and you’ve only got a split second to hook their attention.

2. They are concise but engaging. Press releases are short but sweet. The readers should know everything that you want to say by just the title and the first paragraph become their attention span is limited.

3. They are sent to a wide network of media and online contacts. Press releases should be very well distributed. You better make sure you have established a wide network of bloggers, website owners, online shoppers, SEO firms and media and technology friends to syndicate, repost or reblog your press release.

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